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You can submit your article on this website for free but you have to follow the given rules.

Before starting the content you have to make sure you create content for users according to google rules creating helpful reliable people first content.

We welcome all our audience to submit their articles on our website. We are happy to publish your article on our website and want that you get the right traffic. You have to make sure that you follow google guidelines so that you get the right traffic from our website through the article you have published on our Naurki Center.

While publishing your article on our website make sure you don’t submit any duplicate content or a piece of duplicate content for any kind of duplicate images.

Some Major Categories related to Career and Life Planning Education

Job analysis
Job guarantee
Job Description
Job interview
Job performance
Job satisfaction
Job stress
Labor economics
Refusal of work
Wage labor

20 Major Topics for your ideas

1. Workplace conflict management and resolution
2. Critical thinking
3. Delivering performance appraisals
4. Time management tips
5. Establishing a mentor
6. Mastering change in the workplace
7. Persuasive storytelling
8. Finding comfort in public speaking
9. Enhancing the customer experience
10. Performance management
11. Setting goals
12. Harassment awareness and prevention
13. Communication skills
14. Celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion
15. Influencing others
16. Giving effective presentations
17. Using creativity to solve problems
18. Management training
19. Delivering constructive feedback
20. Becoming a valuable team member

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Related FAQs

Que. Why You Should Submit Article on Naurki Center

Ans. Naurki Center ranks for the most important keywords on Job and its related topics. With that, you can guarantee that your guest post will not just receive traffic from our blog, but also from people who are searching for topics on Google and other search engines.

In addition, your backlink from your guest post will help boost your page or your website’s overall authority. Backlinks are needed to help improve your search rankings. From there, you can expect more leads or additional sales to your online business.

Que. Where can I write Job-oriented or related articles?

Ans. Naurki Center accepts high-quality Job-career niche articles and publishes them after proofreading by experts.

Que. What should I write about at Naurki Center?

Ans. The content could be related to Job, Career, Goal, Aim, Tips, Guidelines, Support, Future, Statistics, Trending News, Local News, International news, and more.

Que. Can I repost my submission on my blog?

Ans. No. If we publish your content on Naurki Center, we retain the rights to that content. We don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website.

Que. How long should my posts be?

Ans. 800-1500 words are enough to be posted. Longer articles have better chances of ranking well on search engines. We encourage quality guest posts only.

Que. Should I have to do keyword research before submitting a draft?

Ans. Yes, we appreciate it. Please include the most searched keywords in your content. It will be more good if you use long-tail keywords in the guest post article.

Que. Will you edit my post?

Ans. Yes. If the article needs to be edited. However, we accept only quality articles.

Que. Should I add a photo to the article?

Ans. Yes, You can provide photos those are free.

Que. What should I do after submitting the post?

You need to be active in comments, responding to readers’ queries and thoughts. Also, make sure you share the same article link on your all social media, so this article can rank on google. We are thankful for your contribution in advance!

Que. Can I become a member of the blogging community?

Ans. yes of course. You can sign up with us.

Que. Can I use infographics?

Ans. Yes, you can, but it should be well-optimized and well-researched.

Que. Is there a publication fee to be paid?

Ans. No, as of now, we are accepting articles for free.

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