Graphic designer job description

Graphic designer job description

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Graphic Designer Job Description: Writing Tips & Best Practices

Are you looking for the perfect graphic designer to join your team but don’t know how to write an effective job description? Crafting a compelling job advertisement is key to attracting qualified and talented candidates for the role. In this post, we give you tips & best practices for writing a great graphic designer job description.

Graphic designer job description
Graphic designer job description

Determine Core Requirements and Responsibilities.

Before you start writing a job description, take the time to determine core requirements and responsibilities for the graphic designer position. Think about the specific tasks that the role entails, such as designing logos, brochures, websites and layout design elements. Additionally, decide if you have any preferred technical and soft skill requirements that are necessary for success in this position. Documenting these details will ensure that you only receive applications from candidates who match your criteria.

Asses Company Environment & Workstreams.

An important aspect of writing a compelling graphic designer job description is to communicate the atmosphere of the company and the type of workstreams you will require. Identify whether you need a candidate who can develop brand campaigns from scratch or someone who can take existing design templates and customize them for different needs. Additionally, describe the environment they will be working in; offer insight into your team culture, such as workplace flexibility, learning opportunities, and other benefits that you offer. Candidates want to know that the company is worth investing their time in.

Craft an Engaging Job Description Summary.

A job description summary should be an engaging overview of the role that piques a candidate’s interest. Showcase what sets your organization apart from others in the industry, emphasizing points like innovative projects they’ll work on, impactful objectives they’ll aid in achieving, and other perks to make them want to apply. Offer candidates a sense of “ownership” in the process and drive their decision-making with a captivating job advert summary!

Outline the Ideal Candidate Profile with Skill Should-haves.

When writing an effective job description, clearly articulate the desired skills and experience of your ideal candidate. They should include specific qualities like technical interest (e.g., expert level Adobe Creative Suite proficiency), exceptional creative thinking abilities, or a portfolio showcasing original design work. This will also help to direct where you place the advertisement to best reach talent with the skill-sets aligned with your expectations. Identify what’s a “must-have” and offer details on additional qualifications that are a plus but not required.

Provide a Clear Overview of Benefits and Opportunities for Professional Development & Growth

When writing a graphic design job description, focus on the “fun” parts of the job that are usually overlooked by applicants. Emphasize good working conditions, industry-leading technology and software, and potential for professional advancement. Provide an engaging overview of any unique benefits such as flexible scheduling options, remote working opportunities, corporate discounts or membership to design organizations, etc. It’s important to add in tangible details (e.g., annual raises), so candidates receive a complete picture when reading your job listing.


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