Email Marketing Manager job description

Email Marketing Manager job description

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Creating a Job Specification for Effective Email Marketing Managers

Email marketing managers play an important role in reaching out to potential customers and ensuring they are getting the best kinds of emails with the most memorable content. Crafting the perfect job description for this role can be tricky, so here are eight steps you should follow.

Email Marketing Manager job description
Email Marketing Manager job description

Understand Your Goals and the Role of the Email Marketing Manager

Before you start exploring potential job candidates, it’s important to keep in mind what your expectations for the role are and how an email marketing manager fits into the structure of your company. Identify the specific goals you hope to accomplish with a new hire and consider how their skills could be put to use in your particular organization. Additionally, consider how much time is expected from this employee and any other responsibilities they might have. This will help you create a realistic job description that attracts ideal candidates.

Set Performance Expectations

Be sure to include measurable performance expectations with your job description. Provide clear information about what metrics need to be accomplished in order for the role to be considered successful. Will the employee be responsible for hitting monthly, quarterly or annual targets? Is there a specific return on investment expected from email marketing efforts? Setting these types of expectations will help narrow down your potential candidates and ensure that you are finding an email marketing manager who is up to your standards.

Outline Qualifications, Skills and Experience Required

When crafting your job specification, consider what type of qualifications, skills and experience best align with the specific requirements of the role. Take into consideration the existing knowledge and resources available in-house in order to determine what additional areas need to be filled. Make sure to include technical skills such as knowledge of email marketing platforms and strategies, strong analytics experience and familiarity with HTML coding. List out any other relevant requirements that would help an applicant understand if they are indeed qualified for the role.

Develop a Compensation Plan

To attract the best talent for this role, it’s important to establish a competitive compensation plan that reflects the scope of the job. Decide whether or not benefits should be included and set expectations concerning salary, bonuses and commission. Also, make sure to factor in vacation time, health insurance coverage, and any other company policies applicable to the position. The goal is to create an attractive package that empowers you to acquire motivated professionals with a strong track record of success in email marketing.

Define Reporting Responsibilities

An Email Marketing Manager should be able to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and report on results. Establish expectations surrounding what type of data is reported (open rate, click-through rate, links clicked, etc.), how often it’s reported (daily, weekly, monthly), and which team the report is shared with. This helps candidates understand the role expectations and gives you an indication of how well their skills match the job description.


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