Digital Marketing Managers & Directors job description

Digital Marketing Managers & Directors Job Descriptions: A Complete Guide

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A Guide to Writing Digital Marketing Managers & Directors Job Descriptions

Finding and attracting talented digital marketing professionals can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what skills and qualifications you need. This guide will help you craft clear and concise job descriptions for digital marketing managers and directors that will draw in the best candidates to your team.

Digital Marketing Managers & Directors job description
Digital Marketing Managers & Directors job description

Define the Role of the Marketing Manager or Director

Before writing your digital marketing job description, it’s important to first define the responsibilities and duties of the role. Start by thinking about the primary objectives and strategic goals for your organization and how the motivated hire will help you reach them. As a manager or director of digital marketing, you may expect them to direct website design and development, manage SEO and PPC campaigns, lead social media strategy, create content plans and schedules, measure analytics, budgeting and forecasting, etc. Be sure to include these details in your job advertisement.

Outline Their Responsibilities

Outline what the prospective hire will be responsible for on a day-to-day level. Include tasks, performance expectations and any additional responsibilities as you see fit. Also, don’t forget to include the educational and professional qualifications that you expect of your next digital marketing manager or director. Make sure to list specific skills such as knowledge in SEO and PPC campaigns, web support, email campaigns, etc. This sets a clear expectation of the job description which makes it easier to attract qualified applicants.

Describe Qualifications and Skills

When outlining the qualifications you require of your new manager or director hire, it’s important to list specific skills such as knowledge in SEO and PPC campaigns, web support, email campaigns, social media management, and other digital marketing tactics. Additionally, you should include things like degrees or certifications they must have in order to be considered for the position and any relevant experience which could set them apart from other applicants. Doing this helps ensure that you recruit only qualified candidates who meet the necessary criteria for success.

Focus on Benefits and Compensation

Job descriptions should also include information about the available benefits, such as vacation policies and health insurance, as well as salary range or compensation package to attract the right candidates. Highlighting any additional benefits your company offers, such as flex-time or telecommuting policies can help make your job post stand out in a crowded field of applicants. By emphasizing the unique perks associated with working for your organization, you’ll be sure to attract the most qualified individuals who are dedicated to taking their digital marketing career to the next level at your establishment.

Offer Clear Expectations and Goals

Outlining clear performance expectations and goals for the digital marketing manager or director is a critical step to help ensure the hired individual will be successful in their role. Explain the duties or responsibilities that you would like them to focus on, such as overseeing a team of employees within a certain timeframe. Additionally, listing any required qualifications or skills can help candidates determine if they are the right fit for the open position. Be sure that all expectations and goals are clearly explained to potential job seekers so that they can adequately prepare themselves for a potential interview.


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