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Hello, this is the dedicated page where you can meet and contact us with the details at the bottom of this page. You also know why you are contacting us.

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Contact us to send your article. (Article Submission accepted here.)

We will be happy to publish your article. This is the best place to submit your article. The article must meet our guidelines to help our users. We want our site to be easy to use. We have submitted a contribution in large numbers. But first, we manually review your content. If it meets our guidelines, that means your item was successfully submitted here.

Contact us – If you find an error on our website

Thank you (monetary or non-monetary) for sending us a message if you find any errors on our website. As I mentioned earlier, if you find an error on our website: You can simply tell us which ones affect us if they really are bugs.

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Our goal is to provide you with free employment information through our website. We do not sell our content or parts of the content, such as images, your personal information, etc. If you find any copyrighted material on our website, please notify us by email. If you email us, we will take steps to remove your content or images or other material through our website. By the way, in this case we do our best as we only use free images and as we told you before, our content comes from Google Jobs or any other trusted site like, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc or another official site. But if you have any doubts, send us an email.

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We always try to reach our users, customers and employees. We are very happy with our team. In addition, we want to share the best and the latest information with you.

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